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Did your team hit their goals, close a big deal, or just need to cut loose and build a little team unity? Bring them to Coliseum X and let some fun competition provide the setting for laughs, high fives, and friendly trash-talking.

Whether you've got a small work group of 8 or a department or more than 100 people, we've got the place for you. The adrenaline will get pumping and the volume louder as the group splits into teams and the games begin. It's never the same experience twice as you rotate through each different urban themed arena, choosing between 7 different weapons and taking on over 50 different missions.


Holiday Parties...

Are you tired of the same banquets, bowling, DJs, and bars where people hang out and talk to their same 4 or 5 friends? Mix it up and give your group something they'll love to relive at the water cooler.

Our events provide a variety of arenas, mission scenarios and weapons to select. Each mission will include different people, strategies, and tactics ensuring people engage with everyone at the venue. People can watch the action on Live Video feeds while they are taking a break, sneak a peak at the sports on TVs, or check email on the free Wi-Fi (every company has a few of these....).

To keep the troops energized, we have catering options and a cafe, and a bar with several adult selections.

Events can be booked at any time on any day. You can play with the general public, reserve a Private Sentry and Arena, or rent the entire Coliseum.

We've hosted groups with more than 200 people and would love to have you. Think of a big company in Columbus and almost all of them have been here, most of them multiple times.