Survival of the Fittest on Wednesdays!

It's the ultimate free-for-all with everyone vs. everyone. Can you be the last one standing? 


Every Wednesday from 530-7p and 830p-10p

Missions for Solos and Duos (Singles and Pairs)

Combatants start the mission without any weapons, but must find them in the arenas. Combatants can find Basic, Rare and Legendary versions  of 3 different weapon types. Rare and Legendary versions cause more damage, have more range, more ammo, or all three!

Movable props & obstacles enable combatants to build strongholds in key places, but one must watch out for the shrinking arena boundaries, forcing engagements and preventing camping!

Compete for prizes and no additional costs! Regular weekday pricing applies - reduced 3-mission bundles for $15 or unlimited play blocks for $13 (student members) and $20 (adult members).

No membership, no problem! Annual membership are only $8.